Zorbing is one adventurous sport that can be enjoyed while visiting Solang Valley. Zorbs are made of transparent plastic and the adventure requires no skill . In this adventure, the person is slid inside the zorb and then it is then rolled down the slope. A maximum of two people (whose combined weight is not more than 120 kg) can zorb together. The zorbers are instructed to hold on to the harness places inside the zorb and after ensuring all the safety, these zorbs are made to roll down on 100 meters ride on a gradient.

River Crossing

Its done in club house and on the way to Solang Valley . A fly over fitted over the river would help you to cross it, or you can cross it physically by entering into the water. This is done all round the year .


There are walking trails for all levels in Manali Valley. There is a pleasant one day trek for beginners to Lamadugh. This 6km journey is easy going and offers photo opportunities so don’t forget your camera. The one day tour is Rs 500 per person including lunch and transport. More experienced walkers can join one of the many full day treks.

White Water  River Rafting

River Rafting packages in Manali depends upon group size, number of participants and type of rafting chosen. There are two types of rafting in Kullu Manali region, one is small route nearly 7 kms and another one is 14 Kms.